Book Launch “Antitrust Settlements – How a Simple Agreement Can Drive the Economy”

Book Launch “Antitrust Settlements–How a Simple Agreement Can Drive the Economy” at UCL on Nov. 26

As a PhD in law, what first struck me was how a simple agreement (which in my mind was a contract) could regulate markets and drive our economy by changing the dynamics of markets. In 1956 an antitrust settlement set the tone for the creation of the Internet. Today antitrust settlements along with unlocking the complexity of blockchain technology and smart contracts can be the key to govern present and future data-driven markets. Antitrust settlement is not a mere tool to enforce antitrust law, and this book is not merely a book on antitrust settlements. This book is a springboard to further investigate how a simple antitrust enforcement tool can drive our economy leading both the antitrust and regulatory intervention in today’s global data economy.

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